Политика конфиденциальности



Welcome to our website. Thank you for your interest in our company and products. The protection of your privacy when processing personal data is important to us and we ensure it throughout all of our business processes. This website is operated in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation.


The website uses Matomo, a software for statistical analysis of the visitors who access the site, which we operate ourselves on our own web server. Matomo uses cookies, which are saved to your computer and enable anonymised analysis of your use of the website. The data cannot be traced back to a certain person or entity, as your IP address is rendered anonymous immediately after processing and before saving takes place. In Germany, the legal basis for the processing of personal data using cookies is Art. 6 Sec. 1 lit. f General Data Protection Regulation.

Matomo is used for the purpose of improving the quality of our website and its contents. With the help of these data, we can determine how the website is used and can thus continuously optimize product and service portfolio. The cookies used by Matomo are saved to the User’s computer and are transmitted to our website from there. You, the User, therefore have full control over the use of cookies. Cookies that have already been saved to your computer can be deleted at any time. This can even be done automatically.

You can rescind the storage and analysis of these data by Matomo at any time. In that case, a so-called opt out cookie is permanently placed in your browser, which instructs Matomo not to collect any data whatsoever for storage and analysis. However, if you delete this cookie, whether on purpose or accidentally, your opt-out of the saving and analysis of your data is canceled and can be reset via the above-mentioned link. Most modern browsers, however, have a so-called „Do not track“ option, with which you instruct websites not to track your user activities. Matomo respects this option.